Working from your sketch, engineering drawing or something in between, we apply our graphic design expertise to design your print layout. Your proof will be incorporated right into the prototype.  With our onsite AutoCAD license, we have the means to directly import your drawings right into our graphics editor or via .dxf or .iges translators.

Don't have the means of exporting graphics, not to worry, our onsite graphic artists are ready to serve you with professional quality art.


We specialize as a converter of photosensitive anodized aluminum. This product combines a photo quality image locked inside an anodized coating. Also, durable, high-resolution screen printing on diverse materials with various surface treatments.


Metal Photo

Screen Printing


Adhesive backing, fasteners, and other hardware can be added to complete the project.




We handle with equal ease: aluminum, anodized aluminum, Metalphoto, carbon steel, stainless, copper, lexan, and all sorts of plastics.





Used in combinations to meet your specifications: shearing, punching, CNC turret punch press, bending, tapping, countersinking, welding, spot weld, weld stud, PEM press, surface sanding, sandblasting, machining, & laser cutting.


Selected finishes that meet a wide range of protection and textures: paint, powder coating,  brushed sanded grain, anodizing, and zinc chromate.


PAINT - We provide a wet spray application in our professional paint booth. This provides a clean, professional look to your product.

POWDER COAT - Available through one of our vendors, as part of our process, for its extended durability and high strength.

BRUSHED - Once your component is fabricated, the work piece is run through a surface sander which removes tooling marks or sharp edges from punching. This procedure also prepares the surface for painting, plating, or anodizing.

ANODIZING - Anodizing increases corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and provides better adhesion for paint primers and glues than bare metal. Easy clean up, provides a hard shell surface, does not chip or peel, available in most any color.

ZINC CHROMATE - Superior corrosion resistance of carbon steel components.



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