Materials we typically stock, beneficial properties, and common uses.


Anodized Aluminum -- Corrosion resistant, lightweight; enclosures, panels


Metalphoto Aluminum Sheet -- Photosensitized for multicolor labels, plaques, awards


Aluminum; Sheet, Bar, Tubing, Angle, Hinge -- Lightweight and non magnetic


Carbon Steel Sheet, Bar, Tubing, Angle, Hinge, Unistrut -- Higher strength than aluminum


Stainless Steel -- Resists corrosion, provides higher strength, non magnetic


Copper -- Busbar grounding


Polycarbonate (Lexan) - Acrylic (Plexiglas) -- Clear, matte, or velvet textured plastic sheeting, printable bezel covers, overlays


Vinyl -- Ultra-thin adhesive backed, non-magnetic colored labels


Micarta -- Insulating material for labels


Delron -- Insulating material, easily machined


Metal Foil -- Adhesive backed ultra-thin aluminum label material





Surfaces and Textures


Anodizing -- Increases aluminum's resistance to corrosion, easy cleanup, provides a hard shell surface, does not chip or peal, available in most any color


Zinc Chromate -- Superior corrosion resistance of carbon steel components


Sanded Grain -- A grained surface that is more appealing than a raw surface


Painted -- Beyond color, protects material from corrosion via flat, gloss, or texturing


Powder Coating -- Cost effective textured paint application




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