All customizable to meet our customer's needs and specifications.

Aluma 50 Series

Rack Mount Enclosures

4 piece aluminum construction

textured black paint or anodized



.125" flat front panel, .060 flat rear panel

custom fabrication and imaging

easy access lid


1RU, 2RU, and 3RU sizes


Our best solution enclosing your sensitive instrumentation in a rack system allowing the flexibility of having customized front and rear panels.  Our 4 piece aluminum construction provides versatility and convenience at a great price.  Painted or anodized this box utilizes flat front and rear panels which are easy to fabricate and image.


The .060 thick base serves as the mounting platform for integrated hardware and PCB's.  The easy to install lid provides direct access to installed components prior to and while in service allowing for simple assembly.


Available in depths of 3 inches or more in heights of 1RU, 2RU, and 3RU with optional vented panels which help to keep your components cool.


Clam Shell

Double "U" Enclosures

two piece aluminum, steel, or stainless

painted, powder coat, or anodized



floor, desktop, or wall mounting

mounting hardware on lid or base

unrestricted imaging area

integrated handles

rubber feet

the box's construction protects

connectors and internal components


Enclose your sensitive instrumentation and provide a user interface panel with an all in one Double "U" Clam Shell style enclosure.  Simple 2 piece aluminum, steel, or stainless steel construction provides compactness with style.  Painted, plated, powder coated, or anodized this box utilizes a base plate topped with a functional cover.  Both segments are easily imaged.


The enclosure's cover or base can be the mounting platform for integrated hardware and PCB's.  On some models, construction of the box itself lends itself to protecting connectors and switches.


These enclosures can be floor mounted, desktop, or wall mounted and can be built to any size required.


Hinged Door Enclosures &

NEMA Style Enclosures

aluminum, steel, or stainless

painted or powder coated



mounting hardware on door or box

continuous hinge and pin hinge

easily imaged

gasket seal



electrical ground lugs

lock and key



Need an enclosure that provides safety and security?  Then take a look at our hinged door enclosures.  These enclosures are designed to house electrical, electronic, or pneumatic components.  Available painted, plated, powder coated, or anodized.  A continuous hinge pin can be pulled to remove the door.  An image can be applied to any surface.


The entry door can be hinged from any orientation allowing easy access to internal components.  A water resistant gasket seal protects instruments.  Standoffs for integrated hardware and sub-plates can be easily installed along with any combination of cutouts or holes.  Electrical ground lugs are optional as well.


These enclosures can be mounted via a welded flange from the outside, from the inside, or with punched key slots.  The optional lock and key prevents tampering.



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